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Call for appointment(678) 468-3435
Call for appointment(678) 468-3435
Hoarder Cleanup

Professional Hoarding Cleanup for the Greater Atlanta Area

If you need immediate help, please call us!

We realize this can be a stressful scenario for our clients so we take that into consideration and make this process as comfortable and swift as possible.

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Frequently Asked Questions


Timing differs for each home depending on volume, size, hazards, and more. Professional cleaners can clean a home in 3-5 days. Depending on the person who is hoarding, the process can easily be extended for several weeks.


The vast majority of those who contact us are in the midst of attempting to declutter/liquidate an estate after the death of a family member or in cases where they are legally appointed guardians or conservators.

We are also contacted by seniors themselves—or their legal representatives—needing assistance with downsizing the estate or with packing and making all needed arrangements to ensure a safe, smooth transition to an alternative residential environment.


A junk removal clean-out service will simply come into a residence and indiscriminately remove all contents into a dump truck within a day or two with little to no regard for contents management.

This means that if you believe there are valuable items in the home, or possessions you or your family choose to salvage and cannot quickly locate within a hoarded property, hiring a junk removal “clean-out” company would not be in your best interest.

If you need immediate help, please call us!

After receiving your emergency call, we will contact you quickly and get our crews out to you ASAP. If not an emergency, we will gladly work with you to set up a convenient appointment.

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