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Call for appointment(678) 468-3435
Call for appointment(678) 468-3435
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Professional Asbestos Removal for the Greater Atlanta Area

If you need immediate help, please call us!

Asbestos is a harmful fiber that if ingested can cause permanent damage to your lungs. Let the professionals dispose of it safely and ease your mind.

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Frequently Asked Questions


No amount of asbestos exposure is deemed safe, and you should always take precaution and most importantly avoid inhaling toxic dust. However, most asbestos-related diseases only occur after many years of repeated exposure. An extremely intense short-term exposure also heightens the risk of disease later in life.


Homes built after 1980 are less likely to contain asbestos. However, stockpiles of asbestos-containing materials may have been used into the 1990s.


If you remove this ceiling dry, you will contaminate your home with asbestos and expose yourself and your family to potentially high concentrations of airborne asbestos fibers. These fibers may remain in your home indefinitely. It is recommended that you hire professionals to manage this process for you.

We understand your pain and we're here to help.

The restoration of your property following a biohazard event or a crime, needs experienced and empathetic professionals who can safely and meticulously clean and restore your property.

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